Services & Benefits
Commercial & Residential Design

Services & Benefits

Solar Design Services provides the following services :

1.Preparation of all relevant presentation, construction and submission drawings to be submitted to the local authorities and the appointed contractor and sub-contractors for planning and building approval as required, with an appointed certified architect, certified building draughtsman and/or certified civil and structural engineer to provide endorsement for submission as required by law.

2. Handling all dealings with the local authrorities, should legal approvals be required for the commencement of all design and construction work for the designated project.

3. Design consultation and supervision work from commencement till completion of any designated project and any advice should dealings with the local authrties be required before and during the construction process of the designated project.


Solar Design Services provides the following benefits :

1.The preparation of a full set of 3D drawings indicating step by step the design process so that the client can see their design preferences before the design gets built, saving time, effort and most importantly, money. For instance, if the client wants to a renovation project, a set of 3D drawings will be provided to show what the new design will look like, to present a clear view of what the design will look like.

2.A proper contract will be provided, clearly showing all the services provided, to avoid financial mistakes and misunderstandings during construction, especially from the appointed main contractor. Once the design consultant has been appointed, the appointed main contractor’s estimates can be controlled and reduced , sometimes by as much as 30%, depending on the project.

3, Various cost effective measures can be employed that do not compromise the quality or workmanship of the final result of the project can be explored during the design and construction process, and additional design guidance and consultation ONLY will be freely provided as the construction process takes place.

Personal supervisory services will be provided during the construction period to ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible. Changes that are proposed during construction will be explained in detail will be explained in terms of how they effect the design, cost and time schedule of the selected project.