The Zen Tower
The Zen Tower

K Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Year: 2013

Concept : The concept for the hotel was to rebrand its identity and refurbish its facade and interior spaces only, as an attempt to modernize its look and function in a bustling  urban context. The facade of the hotel was deliberately updated to  look as pristine, simple and as clutter-free as possible, as a direct contrast to  the surrounding buildings which were heavily ornamented, messy and colourful.  This approach allowed the clean, modernized facade of  the hotel to distinctively stand out against the visual urban chaos in  which it is situated, and therefore assume an iconic presence in its surroundings.

Features : The tower celebrates all that is “zen” in thinking and philosophy, by eliminating all unnecessary ornamentation, and leaving behind a purely geometric facade. Its  simple appearance actually conveys a very powerful urban statement,  allowing it to stand out in a very striking manner compared to the buildings around it, thus adding to its popularity and familiarity among  the urbanites of the district.

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