The Vertical Tentacles
The Vertical Tentacles

Kodana Office, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Year: 2009

Concept : The concept for this office was to create a sleek, contemporary identity for a company  that has numerous diversified interests. The office takes on a purely modern appearance,  exemplified by the sequence of angled vertical posts that create a series of  visually interesting dividers, arranged gracefully around a curvilinear axis.  The design then tapers off into a lounge and a corporate room, that clearly are  part of curvilinear sense of direction. The rest of the office uses polished timber,  as both a floor finish and as a surface finish, and a special  stone finish was incorporated as an outstanding feature wall.

Features : The design features elements designed along curved lines and pathways,  and part of the celebration of the usage of the curve was subtly celebrated through other elements such as the main wall, the light fixtures, the light towers and even the  company logo. It was an attempt to lessen the all pervading  use of straight lines and 90 degree angles used in offices, in favour of  graceful curves and non-linear arrangements of corridors and furniture placements.

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