The Stone Arch
The Stone Arch

Double storey bungalow in Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Year: 2007

Concept : The idea behind the renovation of this house was to create a fusion of styles  between the modern and the traditional, to create a design that was clearly contemporary in appearance, but softened with sculptural elements found in  Balinese art and architecture.

Warm earthly colours are used to convey a sense of homeliness in the tropics, and the interior of the house incorporates an  unhindered floor plan to encourage a sense of flow from one space  to another, lending to a feeling of internal non – restrictive openness.

Features : The house is blessed with extensive green areas that allowed the construction of a Balinese style water pavilion to be inserted into the garden, enhancing the  relaxing tropical ambience and water ponds of the gardens outside the house, which seamlessly connect to the interiors of the house itself.

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