The Opera Mask
The Opera Mask

Double storey terrace link house in Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

Year: 2015

Concept : The concept for this house employs a particular architectural style called “industrial aesthetics”, where the “rawness” of building materials used for construction, namely brick and concrete, are left exposed as an effort to highlight its intrinsic beauty. However, for this project, the industrial aesthetics vernacular  was selectively incorporated into the design of the house, to give it a more trendy “chic” feel as an effort fuse the look of highly modern looking buildings with a sense of rich and appealing “rawness” of the past. In the end, an elegant  composition of spaces was created, that was both homely and contemporary.

Features : The house also takes advantage of natural sunlight via a skylight inserted  into the new roof of the building, that richly illuminates the interiors, specifically the triple volume height atrium and unplastered brick wall built as a feature to mark  the stairwell space. A modern protective louvred screen,  designed as a sun breaker and as semi – translucent barrier of privacy, was incorporated on the facade, creating a striking visual identity for the house itself.

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