The Moon Wall
The Moon Wall

Double storey terrace link in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Year: 2012

Concept : The concept for this house employs a specific architectural style called “industrial aesthetics”, which extensively uses common building materials, namely bricks, metal and concrete in a creative and captivating manner. The language of the building allows for these materials to be left raw, bare and exposed in order to appreaciate their intrinsic beauty and eliminates cosmetic touch-ups, such as plaster or paint. Interior spaces are left as open as possible, specifically for semi public access and gatherings, and all the individual rooms incorporate some of the raw elements as they are to create visual consistency.

Features : The house also takes advantage of natural sunlight via a skylight inserted into the existing roof of the building, and filters through exposed timber rafters and bare finish concrete walls. a circular opening at the base of the staircase was incorporated into the wall to allow for external light to slowly illuminate the deeper interiors of the house, hence the term “The Moon Wall”. A courtyard with bamboo trees was also built in the kitchen area to incorporate internal landscaping against a wall of naturally aged and weathered vent blocks.

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