The Lotus Box
The Lotus Box

Double storey bungalow in Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Year: 2009

Concept : The idea for the renovation of this project was to create a thoroughly contemporary house, but based on Vasthu Shastra principles. Vasthu Shastra ( The Science of the Environment ) is an ancient Indian study of geomancy, similar in discipline to Feng Shui. The owner of the house had requested a fusion of design philosophies between east and west, resulting in the elegant simplicity the house personifies.

The interiors of the house employs a relatively open floor plan, in alignment with both modern and Vasthu Shastra design strategies and principles, to allow for a sense of flow between interior andexterior spaces, the allowance for the passage of sunlight to naturallyilluminate the interiors and to create a calm and serene interior environment.

Features : A lotus flower inspired motif was used as the basis of a decorative element for the interior design of the house. The lotus flower is significant in Indian philosophy and culture, and was used as an artistic element within the scheme of the house.

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