The Fabrics Cave
The Fabrics Cave

Tailors shop at Kuala Lumpur

Year: 2011

Concept : The concept for this tailors’ shop was to create a cohesive series of clean white  surfaces, much like the internal spaces of an art gallery, to allow for the multi dimensional spectral nature of the patterns and colours of the fabrics themselves in the outlet to be as visually prominent as possible. To break the monotony of the sterility cause by the white surfaces, a timber finish was also inserted  into the interior scheme of the lot, thus creating a contrasting element that radiates warmth as well.

Features : The existing internal lot was a relatively narrow slice of stretched-out space,  and therefore to create the illusion of a more open, wider space, a sense of design that emphasizes the lengthened horizontally of the elements within the project was employed, to reduce the notion of  congestion and spatial claustrophobia. This was achieved by highlighting the  presence of bold white lines that “project” themselves  clearly in a horizontal manner through the employment of carpentry.

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