The Cultural Mosaic
The Cultural Mosaic

Spice of India ( high end Indian cuisine ) restaurant at The Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

Year: 2008

Concept : The concept for this restaurant was to create of fusion of styles and spaces between traditional Indian designs, found in artistic and cultural sources, and to incorporate  those findings in a contemporary ambience. The employment of the lotus flower in  particular, was visually extrapolated to express a mosaic of geometric patterns,  that was used as a defining motif for the crafting of a screen, that served as a primary  Indian – inspired decorative element within the scheme of the restaurant.  The restaurant also plays on curves in terms of the front appearance of the  restaurant and as attempt to soften the visual impact of  the elements found in the interior of the restaurant itself, creating a more graceful  arrangement of spaces.

Features : The restaurant employs a vibrant mixture of radiant colours that dazzle the eyes, in  line with the concept to express the robust nature of Indian cultural practices, especially practices related to festivals and celebrations. The selection of  these colours instantly conveys a dynamic Indian presence, but tempered with modern objects and finishes, to consistently project a contemporary Indian identity for the public to experience.

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