The Colonial Enclave
The Colonial Enclave

Castell Restaurant at Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Year: 2009

Concept : The concept for this restaurant was to maintain, restore and express the various colonial – inspired artefacts and artworks, both mobile and immobile, through the  process of refurbishment. Various colonial based elements, such as Victorian  motif wallpapers, Art Noveou inspired staircase railing and light fixtures, terracotta  tiles and indeed even certain chairs and tables, were all refurbished and reused to  create a visual composition that combined design elements of  the past with modern sensisbilities of the present, in a controlled  contemporary setting.

Features : The direction of the design was determined by the preference of the existing  older patrons who frequent the restaurant, but given a contemporary makeover  to attract the younger generation. Ultimately, the combination of both  concerns established a cosy but nostalgic-inducing, colonial-type atmosphere within the restaurant that was appealing to both demographics of the clientele.

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