Our Background
Commercial & Residential Design

Our Background

Solar Design Services is under the ownership of Vishal J.Singh, who is the Design Consultant and Principal Founder of the practice. Established in 2003, this design practice has completed various residential and commercial projects as outlined in this company profile. An A2 size design portfolio with a more complete set of photos and drawings of all the projects completed is also available if requested.CP-VJS

The Design Consultant completed his education and training in LimKokWing Institute of Creative

Technology from 1995 – 2000, and currently holds a Bachelor Degree in Appl.Sci (Architectural Science). Although the degree programme was conducted entirely in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the degree itself was awarded by Curtin University in Perth, Australia, based on a twinning  programme jointly conducted by both institutions.

In March 2015, he successfully attained a Bachelor Of Architecture Degree ( Equivalent to a Masters Degree In Architecture in Malaysia ) from Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur ( IUKL ) and was the pioneer student of that course, and is currently waiting to be registered with the Board of Architects in Malaysia as a Graduate Architect.

The practice is currently being operated by the guidance of a sole proprietor ( Vishal J.Singh), backed by a team of skilled part – timers and freelancers, who are disciplined in various aspects of design, which includes mechanical and electrical works, drafting works, structural engineering works, plumbing and sanitary works and so forth.The members of this team are called into service when specifically required, based of the design specifics prepared by the Design Consultant. After careful and detailed creative dialogues with the client, as to what the specific aesthetic and practical design requirements are discussed, the Design Consultant will then proceed as needed to supervise the project from commencement till completion.

The Design Consultant has a collection of personal artworks that can be viewed at : www.sanubari-artworks.blogspot.com