Design + Discovery Presentation at One Academy

In July 2013, The Principal Director of the One Academy in Bandar Sunway, Malaysia, Mr. Eric Leong, was kind enough to invite Vishal J.Singh to present his work and portfolio in architectural and interior design to the interior design students of his esteemed and famous design school.

Vishal J.Singh had occasionally been called to be a guest lecturer to help critique and provide insights to the design students of the school during examinations and interviews, as an initiative by the school to allow students to gain real – world experience and exposure, in order to better prepare the students for the demands of the professional working world.

The invitation was, of course, graciously accepted and in July 2013, the presentation titled “Design + Discovery” was held at 9.00 am at the TGV Cinemas in the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Complex in Bandar Sunway, Malaysia and ended at 11.00 am.

The presentation session showcasing 4 major projects of his work lasted for an hour, which also included discussions engaging in design development philosophies and concepts, which sunsequently also became a vibrant and interactive Q and A session with members of the staff present and well as the students themselves.

At the end of the presentation, a certificate and token of appreciation was presented as a gesture of deep gratitude to Vishal J.Singh for his time and contribution in presenting his work to the students of the One Academy.

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