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The Colonial Enclave

Castell Restaurant at Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan Year: 2009 Concept : The concept for this restaurant was to maintain, restore and express the various colonial – inspired artefacts and artworks, both mobile and immobile, through the  process of refurbishment. Various colonial based elements, such as Victorian  motif wallpapers, Art Noveou inspired staircase railing and […]

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The Zen Tower

K Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Year: 2013 Concept : The concept for the hotel was to rebrand its identity and refurbish its facade and interior spaces only, as an attempt to modernize its look and function in a bustling  urban context. The facade of the hotel was deliberately updated to  look as pristine, simple and as […]

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The Fabrics Cave

Tailors shop at Kuala Lumpur Year: 2011 Concept : The concept for this tailors’ shop was to create a cohesive series of clean white  surfaces, much like the internal spaces of an art gallery, to allow for the multi dimensional spectral nature of the patterns and colours of the fabrics themselves in the outlet to be […]

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The Vertical Tentacles

Kodana Office, Selangor Darul Ehsan Year: 2009 Concept : The concept for this office was to create a sleek, contemporary identity for a company  that has numerous diversified interests. The office takes on a purely modern appearance,  exemplified by the sequence of angled vertical posts that create a series of  visually interesting dividers, arranged gracefully […]

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